Welcome to the Dallas Darts Association!

To our DDA Members,

As many of you may know, current state guidelines do not allow bars and pubs to open until May 18th and, even then, only at a 25% capacity. Your board will continue to monitor these directives as it pertains to the DDA. Our current hope is to complete the Spring season, but we cannot make that final decision until more information is released. From the information we’ve received so far, we believe we may have a June 1st start date, as long as no new directives are given. Additionally, as we continue to move through this difficult time, we, the DDA Board, realize many of our players have mixed emotions about when it will be safe for them to venture out. We realize some teams or players may not be comfortable with this date, so we are formulating ideas that will address this, but still allow teams to play. Once we have a firm start date, more information will be released. Finally, we want to offer special thanks to Sam Parks and Caitlyn Pepe for their personal insight as pub owners during this time. Their collective experience is a great help navigating this unprecedented time for the DDA. Please stay safe and we’ll see you at the boards!

Be well,
your DDA Board.